SOFIA Presents:

The Power of Beauty

Taught by: Edda Coscioni and Christina Canright

Research demonstrates the power of beauty—whether that beauty causes us to be more productive in our offices or to decrease crime in our neighborhoods. Yet we tend to dismiss beauty as a second-class citizen, a “nice to have” if we have the time.

But what if we shifted our priority and gave beauty its due? Imagine if we embraced the beauty of our own humanity, and the humanity of others. Restoring this feminine value to its rightful place not only sustains us but creates more of the outcomes we desire. Join Christina Canright and Edda Coscioni for a powerful workshop where you’ll discover the power of beauty and learn how you can leverage it for more results, satisfaction, and fulfillment in everything you do.

Embrace the power of beauty for self-care and success in your personal and professional life

Learn the neuroscientific research behind how beauty positively effects our brain chemistry

Find beauty in the chaos of everyday life to center yourself and reduce stress


Edda Coscioni and Christina Canright

Christina Canright is a seasoned networker and inspirational leader who motivates with vision. As Development Manager and a Sales Engagement associate at the Wright Foundation, she builds long-term relationships to further the Foundation's mission. Trained as a photojournalist and magazine designer at the University of Missouri, School of Journalism, Christina Canright has a wealth of experience in project management and making lasting customer connections. 

Edda Coscioni

Edda Coscioni is a highly individual, artistic and insightful stylist. Edda has been a hair stylist for over 17 years. She is a Gold Medal, celebrity stylist, and salon owner. She works with media companies, film houses and photographers for fashion, commercials. Her work has been published in Chicago Magazine, UR Magazine, Today’s Chicago Woman, LUXE Magazine. Her legacy is growing along with her talent

Courses at the Wright Foundation

"With the Wright Foundation, I have learned the power of consciously orienting toward feminine leadership and feminine values (relationship, empathy, compassion, beauty, etc.) and harnessing my drive and productivity toward those values. I am enjoying my life and work and relationships more as a result. What I do feels more like me."
-Michelle A

"As a result of the Wright curriculum, I have a clear vision around who I want to be as a woman and how I will get there. I have stepped into being a woman who comes to the table in her marriage, creates deep meaningful connections at work, is happy to give back and mentor others, and has worked on creating a meaningful life, with or without kids in the picture."

-Sahar M

"The feminine leadership work at Wright has transformed the way I see myself as a woman leader. I now lead with my caring, my drive, and my purpose. I'm so grateful for the sisters and the community who expect more from me and encourage my personal growth."

-Elyse F.


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