A Conversation with Christie Hefner


Taught by: Dr. Judith Wright and Christie Hefner

Join educator and speaker Dr. Judith Wright and businesswoman and activist Christie Hefner for an inspiring discussion exploring the power and possibilities of feminine leadership. Learn how Christie developed her own style of feminine power and leadership while serving as CEO of Playboy Enterprises, driving an industry often associated with misogyny to support and empower other women. Christie will also share how she combined her career with a lifelong commitment to activism, striving to create a world that works for everyone.

Hear honest, heart-felt, and sometimes humorous stories about the transformational power of feminine leadership 

Gain powerful and practical advice on how to find nourishment, fulfillment, and success as a woman in your personal and professional life

Listen to real women ask questions, share stories, and receive advice from Christie and Dr. Judith


Dr. ​Judith Wright

Dr Judith Wright is hailed as a peerless educator, world-class coach, lifestyles expert, inspirational speaker, best-selling author, corporate consultant, teacher’s teacher and coaches’ coach. Dr. Judith researches, and teaches, proven skills to live a flourishing, satisfying, fulfilling life. Dr. Judith has developed acclaimed programs that have supported people to live great lives in all areas.

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"With the Wright Foundation, I have learned the power of consciously orienting toward feminine leadership and feminine values (relationship, empathy, compassion, beauty, etc.) and harnessing my drive and productivity toward those values. I am enjoying my life and work and relationships more as a result. What I do feels more like me."

-Michelle A

"As a result of the Wright curriculum, I have a clear vision around who I want to be as a woman and how I will get there. I have stepped into being a woman who comes to the table in her marriage, creates deep meaningful connections at work, is happy to give back and mentor others, and has worked on creating a meaningful life, with or without kids in the picture."

-Sahar M

The feminine leadership skills I learned have been invaluable to my bottom-line results as an entrepreneur. By integrating these skills into my business, it is now trending for 25% growth over last year. And I feel more satisfied and fulfilled in what I am doing. I highly recommend these courses.

-Edda C


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