Live Your Best Life

Courses designed to boost your personal power, increase your emotional intelligence, and discover your true self.

Personal Power

Go after what you want and achieve your goals with this engaging and effective workshop with Dr. Bob Wright. You’ll discover the simple tools necessary to develop your personal power and confidently create the life you’ve always wanted. 

  • Achieve Your Goals

  • Boost Your Confidence

  • Take Charge of Your Life

Dive into a curriculum that has been designed to help you create a life you want to live.

Emotional Intelligence

Learn to better recognize and express your feelings by boosting your emotional intelligence – and enjoy deeper satisfaction, stronger relationships, and a more fulfilling life as a result! 

  • Embrace Your Emotions

  • Connect More with Others

  • Grow as a Leader

Develop the skills to become an impactful leader and transform your life.

The Power of Authenticity

What drives you? What motivates you? What do you yearn for? In this workshop, you’ll learn how to define your values and the essence of what’s truly important to you in order to be more fulfilled, develop better coping mechanisms, and become your most authentic self! 

  • Develop a Vision

  • Express Your Desires

  • Discover Your True Self

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