Launch Your Career

Courses designed to improve your leadership skills, be a better collaborator, and achieve the professional success you’ve always wanted.

Transformational Leadership

Transform your life and create positive momentum in your business, community, and relationships. Dr. Bob Wright presents a new way to look at leadership in terms of you — who you are, and who you want to become.

  • Strengthen Your Leadership Skills

  • Impact and Influence Others

  • Change the World Around You

Dive into a curriculum that has been designed to help you create a life you want to live.

Networking For Success

Learn the tools to become a master of networking and grow your personal and professional relationships. Discover how building relationships with intention and authenticity can make you a master of networking and boost your career success. 

  • Advance Your Career

  • Build Better Relationships

  • Boost Your Confidence While Networking

Develop the skills to become an impactful leader and transform your career.

Personality Profiles

Learn to leverage the strengths of your personality style to better connect and collaborate with those around you and, as well as how create dynamic, efficient teams and partnerships.

  • Build Effective Teams

  • Navigate Conflicts

  • Supercharge your Work Relationships

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